Simple home decor tips

Have a well decorated home is a dream of every other person. Most of the time we think that what could be best suited for our home. At times spending money is also of no use. But creating something from your own hands for your home is precious enough. Here I will be giving you few ideas to decorate your home.

Have a look at grey lamp shades:

  • Make a pro style gallery for your home. For a pro style gallery, you need to buy various frames with pre cut mats. Then print your favorite images according to the size you want. For example, black frames with white paper mat or silver frames with linen mats. Add up your photos. You can hang up two small lanterns to give a warmth look to the arrangement.
  • You can glamorize an open storage. For this, take the door off of a free standing cabinet. Paint the inside of the cabinet with a neutral color and add an appealing picture in it. Place the transparent or mirror objects in the cabinet. It will ultimately add elegance to the whole room from a single well designed cabinet.
  • You can go for hand drawn grids on plain surfaces. Usually cabinets with white or neutral colors can be used for making grids. Bold colors can also be used if you make perfectly right combinations or else it will look over decorated. For hand drawn grids, simple map out the plan with the painter’s tape, then use a ruler and a paint pen to apply the design.
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