What Things Men Want From You?

There is no doubt in this fact that men want sex from women and generally they like to have a lot of sex. But there are other things as well that the men expect from women and in a relationship these are very simple and activities that you can incorporate in your day-to-day life and reap the benefits of a super smooth relationship. James Bauer is a relationship expert and this What Men Secretly Want Review will help you get some tips about things that man want from relationship.

· Listening – this doesn’t mean that men want women to be quite. Your man actually needs you from time to time to listen to his small but important talks. You need to give him the listening ear and you must know when is the time to listen to him for his problems as well as his achievements.

· The way to man’s heart is through his stomach. If you will cook food for him, he will definitely feel delighted. He may be afraid to ask you to cook for him but men do love homely food and it is one way to catch their attention towards yourself.

· Men like gifts too. Men are just oversized kids and they love various occasions and want to get gifts as well. You can gift latest games or stop for their car. Pre-ordering a PlayStation game for him is like giving him a dozen roses and chocolates and he will fall in love with you for no reason.

· Men like compliments for being efficient in bed and getting compliments about their strength and prowess. These appreciations are turn on for many of men out there and you can try screaming sometime to make him feel more masculine.

· Men get excited when they look at a woman stripping. This isn’t something your partner may want all the time but definitely he’s going to appreciate more when he is attracted to you through his senses especially his eyes.

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