Tips For The Ultimate Web Design Experience

Over 25 years ago we saw the first website appear on the internet. These were like magic, because of how new and amazing they were. Flashing lights, sparkles and many other features were visible on the web for the first time. The internet, which took about an hour to start up during the age of dialup, was a wonderful new world. For the longest time, companies out there refused to believe that web design was the highway to even more corporate success. Instead of using them as marketing tools, companies would use their websites to provide information on their operations in boring text.

Websites Have Taken Over Our Lives

Of course, over the quarter-century that it has been around, the internet has changed a lot. For example, people would have dreamed about companies popping up specializing in SEO Manchester a few years ago. Now, it is hard to find one that doesn’t.  Websites have become an integral part of our lives in the world today. There aren’t any boring walls of text anymore, but there are gorgeous mobile and corporate sites out there that work hard every second to generate new income for the company by increasing conversion and customer traffic.

One of the biggest tips to remember is that the attention span of the average person when they enter a new website is about 5 seconds before they click the “back” button. You have exactly 5 seconds to convince them that they need to stay and explore a little. You have to satisfy what they were looking for in those 5 seconds with the first thing they see. This is the only way to convert a potential customer into an actual, interested one. Allow them to see something interesting that will convince them to stay and read on. It is harder than you think. They aren’t attracted to flashiness anymore like bugs to a light. Be subtle and effective for the highest impact.


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