Developing an Efficient breathing technique

One of the biggest challenges that face beginner and intermediate swimmers is breathing.  Bad breathing technique can lead to many problems, like bad body position, scissor kicks or lop sided strokes. If you are really a beginner level swimmer you should use all the necessary swimming accessories and swimming aids equipment.


  1. Focus on Exhaling Rather Than Inhaling

A common problem for beginners is not exhaling under water. If you try to make a habit of exhaling under water between breaths; it will save you time and effort. When you go up you will only have to inhale.

  1. Keep Your Head Still

Another problem is that some people keep rolling their heads between breaths. This act will make you feel dizzy and might result in neck injury. Try to concentrate on looking at one point to keep you from getting distracted.  This might feel strange at first, but you will eventually adapt.

  1. Don’t Over Rotate Your Head

Looking upwards instead of looking to your side is a problem that causes far too many obstacles to your swimming routine. This bad technique leads to the loss of balance and possible neck injuries. If you ever experience a stiff neck, it is probably because you are putting too much pressure on your neck by overly rotating it.

  1. Incorrect Body Rotation Might Hurt Your Breathing

Correct body rotation is a great help to your breathing technique. This is because once you learn how to rotate correctly; you don’t have to rotate your head too far to breathe. If you suffer from poor breathing on one side, it is because you have a rotation problem.

  1. Learn to Breathe bilaterally

Learning to breathe bilaterally will be beneficial for the rest of your life. This technique helps you to maintain a symmetrical stroke technique; which will help keep your body straight. Breathing to only one side will cause incorrect body rotation; this means that you will not be swimming in a straight line.

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Tips for Buying a Used Car

You might not have the funds to buy a brand-new car, or perhaps you just want to spend less money on your next vehicle. Whatever your reasons are for choosing to buy a used car, these helpful tips will ensure that you get the best value for your money:

Set a Budget

Before you go to a used car dealership, or you start to answer advertisements in the classified section of your local newspaper – decide how much you are willing to spend on your used car. There might be some extra costs to consider, such as registrations and insurance. Make sure that you take everything into account, and decide on a specific amount of money.

Research Before You Buy

If you’re in a rush to get a car, maybe because you need one to get to work, you might not have much time to spare. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still do some diligent research. Take a look around at what is available in your area, and try to look at a number of different sources. If you find something that seems way too cheap to be true – there might be something wrong with it. Have a professional mechanical check a car out before you commit to buying it, or you might end up with a piece of junk that breaks down.

Find Exactly What You Need

Consider all of the different types of cars in the world; there are plenty to choose from. You shouldn’t settle on something that isn’t just right for what you need, and your lifestyle.

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Disposing of Old Car Parts and Fluids

If you have recently changed something in your car, you might be wondering how you can safely, and legally, get rid of it. Whether you just need to get rid of a battery, or you have been storing engine fuel in a big container that is now full – this guide will help you know how to dispose of those things the right way.

Engine Coolant

You might be able to give it to your mechanic, but they will probably want a fee. There are also hazardous-waste depositories that can take coolant from you. Make sure that you keep it in the bottle that it came in, and avoid letting it mix with oil.

Oil, Brake Fluid, and Transmission Fluid

This isn’t a difficult one, because most car part stores should be happy to take these from you, for free. Make sure that you put them in a container that isn’t going to break or leak, and seal it properly. This might be tricky, so you should use a funnel to avoid spilling the liquid everywhere. These liquids can be re-used as oil for heating, or even made into new lubricants.

Batteries, Water Pumps, Brake Calipers, Alternators

These parts generally cost a little extra when they’re new, so that people are encouraged to return them and get that money back. Car parts stores should pay you for the old cores of these parts. If you have a battery that is leaking, make sure to wrap it in something that completely seales it off, or store it in a sturdy container. Otherwise, the battery acid is likely to do a lot of damage to whatever it touches.

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How to Maintain Your Fitness – Methods That Will Definitely Work

Maintaining your fitness is much more difficult than getting there. Once you have shaped your body to perfection, you must focus on keeping it the same way on the long-term. This does not mean that you need to camp at your gym. Since you have achieved your ultimate goal, you can try out some simpler yet effective methods to maintain your fitness.


First, you must consult the best personal trainers San Jose to know what kind of exercises are appropriate for your body type and health condition. The different between a workout and exercising is the latter is much less stressful. For instance, running for 30 minutes on a treadmill can be exhausting than running for an hour in the park. You can engage in simple activities such as stretches, sit-ups and planks.


This is a fun and productive way to maintain your shape. If you take a look at the body of professional sportsmen/women, you will understand that the sweat and stress is worth it. You can engage in any sport of your choice such as tennis, swimming or basketball as long as it is productive.


Dancing is a great way to maintain your shape without having to stress yourself out too much. You can join Zumba or aerobics classes or even find another dancing class of your choice. This method is also useful for those do not have the time. You can learn the basics from online tutorials and continue to practice on your own. Although aerobics is not exactly dancing, it can be just as effective.


Now that you have achieved physical fitness, you must focus on your mental health too. In this case, yoga can be extremely beneficial. It can release the excess stress of your mind and enable you to relax. It can also help you to become more focused and motivated in your day-to-day activities.

Although all the above options are effective, you must select an option that will suit your body type and requirements.

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What Things Men Want From You?

There is no doubt in this fact that men want sex from women and generally they like to have a lot of sex. But there are other things as well that the men expect from women and in a relationship these are very simple and activities that you can incorporate in your day-to-day life and reap the benefits of a super smooth relationship. James Bauer is a relationship expert and this What Men Secretly Want Review will help you get some tips about things that man want from relationship.

· Listening – this doesn’t mean that men want women to be quite. Your man actually needs you from time to time to listen to his small but important talks. You need to give him the listening ear and you must know when is the time to listen to him for his problems as well as his achievements.

· The way to man’s heart is through his stomach. If you will cook food for him, he will definitely feel delighted. He may be afraid to ask you to cook for him but men do love homely food and it is one way to catch their attention towards yourself.

· Men like gifts too. Men are just oversized kids and they love various occasions and want to get gifts as well. You can gift latest games or stop for their car. Pre-ordering a PlayStation game for him is like giving him a dozen roses and chocolates and he will fall in love with you for no reason.

· Men like compliments for being efficient in bed and getting compliments about their strength and prowess. These appreciations are turn on for many of men out there and you can try screaming sometime to make him feel more masculine.

· Men get excited when they look at a woman stripping. This isn’t something your partner may want all the time but definitely he’s going to appreciate more when he is attracted to you through his senses especially his eyes.

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